About Lisa Loves Design

Lisa Loves provides a fresh, vibrant and innovative, graphic design service for individuals and small companies looking to bring personality to their printed and online material.

Lisa Loves specializes in creating unique designs simply bursting with personality. Specialist areas include wedding and special event invitation design along with table plans, menu cards, place cards, Save the Dates, RSVP cards, favour labels and lots more.

A note from Lisa…

 “As a child I always made birthday cards, get-well-soon cards, leaving cards and Christmas cards for my family, friends and teachers. I would use old coloured card dividers from my Dad´s work, carefully cutting off the dog-eared tab, then use more card, paper, pens, stickers, glue and glitter to create a hand-made ´masterpiece´. When you´re a child I suppose you  just do what you love, and although not characteristically a perfectionist, after all ´perfection IS procrastination´, I would spend whole afternoons making sure they were beautiful and would quite happily rip up three of four failed attempts before being completely content with the end result. I could pretend that it was for the love of the recipient that I spent my childhood free time cutting, drawing and sticking, but I´m not going to  lie, it probably wasn´t. You see I made these cards because I loved doing it, and I would of quite happily made one for the next door neighbours cat if  my mum had asked me to. 

I soon realised that designing wedding invitations in my late twenties gives me the same pleasure as making cards did all those years ago. My childhood hobby has manifested itself into a full grown adult business without even the slightest dose of planning involved!

 Lisa Loves Design officially began in 2011 when  I designed my sister´s wedding invitations and stationery. After enjoying the whole process immensely  I realised that I have lots of friends and friends of friends that might like me to design their wedding invitations too, offering a value for money service to create something COMPLETELY unique and individual to each couple.

This is where the story began and since then I have designed wedding invitations for couples from across the globe including USA, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, UK, Canada and Mexico and I’m receiving fantastic new enquiries daily!

If you have something you’d like designed for your wedding, a special event or for your home or business please get in touch. I work internationally so wherever you are in the world don’t be afraid to contact me. All my love, Lisa x”

Like what you hear and want to know more?

Contact Lisa Loves Designs using the form below to find out more information and to request a no obligations quote.


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